Showreel 2015

A collection of my most recent projects, including work with The String Theory, Radiant Features and more.

FiveThirtyEight: The New Bellwethers

The New Bellwethers is a series examining counties, in key states, that politically mirror the country overall. Completed with FiveThirtyEight.

Design & Animation — Liz Klein
Art Direction — Kate LaRue

Little Black Dress Wines

Fashion forward launch video for the wine brand, Little Black Dress.

Design & Animation — Liz Klein
Creative Direction & Design — The O Group

Brooklyn Brewery Productions Branding

Using one of my all time favorite logomarks created by Milton Glaser, I created this online video brand for the Brooklyn Brewery. The logo and lower third design/animation incorporate textures that were photographed from around Williamsburg, Brooklyn where the brewery calls home.

Design & Animation — Liz Klein
All footage filmed by Brooklyn Brewery

Glorious Broads

Glorious Broads is an ongoing series of interviews of women that prove age is just a number. These women are full of life and passion. They want to inspire younger women to say “I WANNA BE THAT LADY!” versus being petrified of the next decades.
In this logo animation, I was inspired by all the different layers that make up each woman interviewed: the many years of wisdom, life experience, power and reinvention of self.

Animation — Liz Klein
Creative Direction — Maryjane Fahey
Lettering — modesign

We are AIGA

Working with the studio Kiss Me I’m Polish, a promo video was created for the AIGA in celebration of 20 years of creativity.

Completed at String Theory
Creative Director — John Vondracek
Animation — Liz Klein, Charles Kline

Ghosted - Scott

An episode from the web series "Ghosted". This episode follows the story of Scott, who calls back the woman who ghosted him after meeting at a Jewish singles event.

Illustration and Animation — Liz Klein
Title Card — Whitney Theis
Director — Molly Teitelbaum

Know Go

Music video for the singer/songwriter Dan Kessler's single "Know Go". This video's process included over 1,200 hand drawn frames, and features a mascott Dan made himself, the Guava Man.

Direction, Editing, & Illustration — Liz Klein
Director of Photography — Mike Cooke
Sinlge from the Album "Don't Know Me Well"

I Wanna See the States

Singer Forrest Kline from HelloGoodbye sings about the 50 States in this video created for PBS Learning Media.

Completed with Radiant Features
Creative Director — Dylan Robertson
Animation & Illustration — Liz Klein
Framed Wall Art — Emily Wick

PBS Math Club

A Youtube series for PBS, this original web series helps the average 7th grader navigate mathematics using fun topics like movies, cooking, and texting. Watch full episodes here

Completed with Radiant Features
Animation, Art Direction and Design — Liz Klein
Creative Director — Dylan Robertson and Bill Ferehawk

Crit Club

Animated poster created for the second meeting of, a group in Brooklyn where members can get feedback from peers on personal projects.

Don't Call Me Sweetheart

Music video for the singer/songwriter Kristin Errett's single "Don't Call Me Sweetheart". This video took 150 Balloons, 74 flights of stairs, 37 bad pickup lines, 5 lbs of glitter confetti, and 1 large cupcake piñata to complete.

Direction,Editing, & Design — Liz Klein
Producer — Ashley Levy
Director of Photography — Matthew Hanlon

Chocolate Show

Event promos for the NY Chocolate Show at the Metropolitan Pavilion.

Personal Project
Design & Animation — Liz Klein

Jimmy Hendrix "Like A Rolling Stone"

Music Video for Jimi Hendrix’s rendition of “Like A Rolling Stone” off the album Winterland.

Completed at String Theory
Creative Director — John Vondracek
Animation & Design — Liz Klein, Chris Carboni, Theo Stand